Comprehensive Financial Advice in Newcastle Under Lyme & Stoke on Trent

At Giliker Flynn Independent Wealth Ltd, we specialise in providing impartial financial advice in Newcastle Under Lyme and the surrounding Stoke on Trent area. With more than 10 years industry expertise and experience behind us, we can provide you with bespoke advice in the following areas:

About the company

We offer financial advice in the following areas:

  • Helping clients to prepare for retirement by providing advice on the best methods of generating your pension income using existing pensions and investments
  • Reviewing existing pension plans whether they are current, old or ‘frozen’
  • Defined benefit ‘Final Salary’ pension analysis and transfers
  • Savings and investment advice for the medium to long term
  • Tax planning utilising investments and pensions
  • Pensions on divorce using Pension Sharing orders
  • Equity Release
  • Life assurance and family protection
  • Lifestyle protection needs including sickness and illness cover

The basic steps of our financial planning process are as follows:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Agreeing and ascertaining your objectives
  • Putting together a financial plan
  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Ongoing reviews

Funding later on in lifeEquity Release in Newcastle under Lyme & Stoke on Trent

Equity Release mortgages allow you to release some of the money tied up in your house, easing worries such as the rising cost of living.

Many retired people find themselves ‘asset rich and cash poor.' Maybe your pension isn’t as much as you had hoped for but you have seen your property value soar. Maybe you have children who are struggling to get onto the housing ladder. Equity release enables you to give money to your children earlier than you originally planned.

If you need extra funds many people consider downsizing, however, should you wish to remain in your current home equity release options are available to you.

A Lifetime Mortgage (an Equity Release product) is similar to a standard mortgage, with the main difference being that there are normally no monthly repayments to make and the loan (plus the monthly interest owed) is redeemed when you die or move into long-term care. The amount of value that you can extract from your home tends to be largely influenced by the age of the youngest plan holder and the value of the property.

There are a number of different options to help meet varying needs, but basically, you can raise funds (up to agreed limits), and not even have to pay off any capital or interest at any point during your lifetime, if that's the route which best suits you. The provider of the loan would reclaim the capital (and any accumulated interest) through the sale of the property, once the final plan holder dies or moves into long-term care.

Investment Advice in Newcastle under Lyme & Stoke on TrentIs your money working for you?

Savings and investments differ in the sense that the former is more of a short term ‘rainy day fund’ with easy access. Investments however, should be made with a medium to long term view (at least 5 years). Investments should only be made after you have set aside a reasonable level of savings for an emergency fund.

Most investments are not guaranteed to return your money, but can offer the potential to increase your initial capital over the long term. Returns, risk and volatility are all factors that determine a suitable place for your long term savings. At Giliker Flynn Independent Wealth Ltd, we can provide you with impartial investment advice in Stoke on Trent, follow the link below to find out more.

Pension advice in Newcastle under Lyme & Stoke on TrentPlanning for your retirement

Many people inevitably find themselves ‘living for today’ and not saving extra money for later years in life. With the new state pension at around £155 a week, this will only provide a single person with £670 a month. Assuming there is no debt in retirement, the average cost of living is now around £10,000 in the UK (Money advice service). This includes fixed bills and food costs. Using these statistics, if there has been no additional saving into a personal or occupational pension, you may be facing a shortfall in retirement. If you're concerned that this will affect you, speak to our team today for friendly, professional and fully independent pension advice in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme. Working with you, we can make planning for the future easy and manageable.

Retirement Advice in Newcastle under Lyme & Stoke on TrentEasing into Retirement

Pension Freedom and Flexible Retirement Plans
Since 2015 the way in which you can take your pension has changed. Whereas traditionally, pension holders would draw a 25% lump sum and receive a regular monthly income with the rest of the fund, either via an annuity or income drawdown, the options have opened up significantly. You now have several methods of drawing your personal pension in retirement.