News Why Green Energy is the Number 1 Investment Opportunity in 2022

Why Green Energy is the Number 1 Investment Opportunity in 2022

green energy investment opportunities

Why Green Energy is the Number 1 Investment Opportunity in 2022

According to only 1 in 8 UK-based investors have put their money behind green investment opportunities. 

In our opinion, this is a massive mistake. The simple fact of the matter is that green, renewable projects are the future. This is particularly true when we discuss renewable energy because it is – without a doubt – the future of energy. Not only for the United Kingdom, but for the entire world. 

History of Renewable Energy

For almost fifty years we have been aware that Earth’s resources are not infinite, and there has been a gradual growth in the use of renewable energies. However, while gradual, this growth has been slow. As a result, renewable energy has never been a particularly attractive attraction for investors. 

However, the past few years have seen a radical shift. Various climate emergencies, combined with political instability, has led to a massive growth in the use of green, renewable energy – leading to a massive growth in the market. For investors this creates a fantastic opportunity. 

As responsible financial advisors, Giliker Flynn believes that it’s our responsibility to provide our clients with only the best financial and investment advice. As such, we’ve put this great list of green investment opportunities together to give you an idea of your options. 

With that said, let’s go through your options when it comes to renewable energy. 

Energy Renewables 

In terms of renewable energy, you have two main options when it comes to investment. 

Wind Power

Your first option is wind power. Wind power is a great choice for several reasons, not least of which because it’s already responsible for about ¼ of all the energy used in the UK. However, wind energy is notoriously controversial – with many people viewing the wind farms as ugly. As a result, it’s unknown whether wind energy will grow larger than its current market share. 

Solar Power

But while wind power is controversial, it’s safe to predict that solar power is about to become very popular. With the recent rise in the energy price cap (and another one predicted for October) more and more people will be looking to purchase solar panels for their homes in order to offset some of the cost of the price increase and it’s fair to imagine that both private and public organizations will start to do the same thing in order to offset their own costs. 

Other Options

At the same time, these aren’t the only options when it comes to renewable energy. Though it will take a long time to become a large-scale viable alternative, there is also nuclear power. Since the mid-1980s, nuclear power has been seen as something of a ‘dirty’ clean energy source in comparison to wind or solar energy because of various plant failures (themselves a result of poor design and gross mismanagement). 

However, because of Europe’s recent decision to turn their back to Russian oil and gas companies, many countries are beginning to reconsider their aversion to nuclear energy. This means there is a potentially brand new market out there for the investor not averse to risk. 

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