An equity release scheme is something you may consider later in life that gives you the flexibility to live in your home but release some of the equity within it.

It is essential that you have sought independent financial advice prior to going ahead with an equity release and you should discuss the implications of how it could impact on any state benefits, tax liabilities and the estate you intend to leave in the future.

We are here to give you independent financial advice and help you make the right decisions.

Equity Release advice

So, why would you want an Equity Release Mortgage?

  • You could pay off your interest only or repayment mortgage
  • Home improvements / build an extension
  • Fund your children’s deposits for their first home
  • Buy a dream holiday home or go on  a holiday of a lifetime
  • Avoid going in to care and fund your care in your own home
  • You can now may the monthly interest and avoid rolled-up compound interest
  • Reduce inheritance tax exposure
  • Buy your new home using Equity Release if you don’t quite have enough cash